Metal Roof Installation & Repair in Lakeland, Polk County.

Metal Roofing

Metal Roof Repair & Replacement in Central Florida

Want to know a secret out about our metal roofing? It’s fabricated right here in town. It’s just as local as we are.

Supporting local fabricators isn’t the only reason you should consider a metal roof. Metal roofing is a long-lasting, high-durability, energy efficient option for your home.

So what makes metal roofs such a great choice?




Long Lasting


Low Maintenance



The most durable roofing option in Central Florida

Choose a roof that stands up to hail and storms


Metal roofs can last between 40 and 70 years – 2-3x the lifespan of an asphalt shingle roof.


Metal is watertight and, with an anti-rust coating, is protected from the damage algae and mold cause growing on other roofs. If installed by qualified professionals, no water will pool on your roof. No more worrying about moisture damage.


Metal roofs maintain their impact resistance as they age. Unlike shingles which shed asphalt granules, day-to-day wear and tear does not break down metal roofing. A metal roof will be just as resistant to dents from hail at 20 years as it was on the day of installation.


Because metal roofs are so resistant to daily wear, they don’t require the same level of maintenance as shingle or tile roofs. You’ll save money and effort avoiding this routine maintenance.


Florida hailstorms can be severe and unforgiving on your roof. Even if extreme hail causes dents in your metal roof, your roof will not crack. You can avoid costly repairs resulting from shattered shingles or tiles.


Lightning strikes are extremely rare. But should one strike, a metal roof will not spark or ignite, protecting your home from fire.


The same goes for stray embers from campfires or fireworks. The chances of one hitting your roof and causing a fire are slim – but with a metal roof, you’re safe.

What about noise?

You may have heard metal roofs are noisy during rain or hail. If you’ve ever stood in a metal-roofed barn or garage, you’ve experienced this firsthand.

Don’t worry. Residential metal roofs installed by qualified contractors are constructed differently than these noisy roofs.

Grooves or folds in the metal interfere with sound waves, dampening the sound. Extra layers of sound-protective material can be installed under your metal roof for further noise reduction.

Today’s residential metal roofs are no louder than shingle roofs during rain or hailstorms.

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A sustainable roof for Central Florida

Do something good for the environment and your curb appeal.

Did you know metal roofs are as sustainable as they are durable?

Metal roofs are often constructed from recycled metal. They can also be recycled after they are removed.

While the long lifespan of metal roofs means you won’t have to worry about replacing yours anytime soon, you’ll know it won’t end up in a landfill should you have to.

Get top-quality installation of the most durable metal roof.