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When you need roofing services, work with a Dundee company you can trust. Your roofer should be willing to answer any questions you have with transparency and honesty. Your contractors should also be open about the work they will be doing for you and how much it will cost. If you choose Residential Roofing Depot as your contractor, you can count on us to always provide quality services and top-notch customer service.

Dundee Roofing Services

Roof Inspections

Did you know that you are supposed to get roof inspections at least once a year? Many homeowners and business owners do not know that. This means that your roof could have damage that you do not know about. Work with us to get a risk-free roof inspection and free estimate. Your estimate will show you the extent of the work we need to do and how much it will cost. There is no obligation to work with us once you get your inspection. But we think you will appreciate our customer service, quality roofing, and affordable pricing.

Roof Repairs

Whether you need to patch up a leak or fix damage caused by falling debris, make sure you address these problems in a timely manner. We can dispatch a team of roofing contractors to quickly come to your home or business and fix your roof. We are on standby 24/7 for your emergency repair needs. Call us anytime and we can help. 

These are some common repairs that homeowners and business owners see.

Full Roof Replacement

A brand new roof made with quality materials and handled with superior craftsmanship can outlive many of us in good conditions. Living in central Florida, however, means far from perfect weather conditions. Despite many bright and sunny days during the year, severe storms and hurricanes are normal and threaten the lifespan of any roof.

Though a replacement may not be the most glamorous home improvement project, it is arguably the most important to address. If you have recently had an inspection that recommended a replacement, you should promptly start getting estimates from reputable companies.

New Construction Roofing

When you hire a company to tackle a new construction roof, on time you should have an experienced, skilled, and knowledgeable team of specialists working with you. Your Dundee roofing company should be licensed, insured, and bonded.

We have invested thousands of hours in new construction projects and know the unique considerations when it comes to commercial and residential construction. Our advanced knowledge of the latest technologies, materials, and techniques sets us apart from other companies.

Mobile Home Roofing

When you need to hire a Dundee contractor to work on your mobile home, first and foremost, you need to make sure they are licensed, insured, and bonded. They should also have experience in mobile home roof repair and replacements. Cost alone should never be the deciding factor in choosing a contractor, as the quality may be sacrificed. You do not want a roofer cutting corners on an important job. Once you have hired the right roofer, it’s time to have them come out and perform a detailed inspection to identify current problems and potential ones.

Residential Roofing

Residential roofing projects are slightly different than commercial projects. It takes a certain level of skill and knowledge, and your roofer should know the industry well. For residential roofing in Dundee, three main options are offered to homeowners. Here are the three most common residential roofing types. 

Commercial Roofing

Roofers who take on commercial projects should have a lot of experience working on these types of jobs. Commercial roofing contractors that are committed to staying on budget and adhering to time constraints will make the project go much more smoothly and ultimately help you stay profitable as a business. We offer an array of commercial solutions for your business including new roof installation and regular inspections. Plus, our team of experts will work quickly and efficiently to make sure there are little to no interruptions to your business.

One of Dundee’s Best Metal Roofing Contractors

Metal roof shingles come in any size, shape, color, or texture you can think of. Whatever architectural style your home is modeled after, we can assure you there is metal roofing that pairs up beautifully.

We truly cannot overemphasize the value of a metal roof. These are just a few of the biggest advantages.

Your Trusted Dundee Roofers

When you are looking for residential roofing in Central Florida, call us first. We offer the best in professionalism, communication, and quality with competitive pricing and a range of options.

No matter what the scope of the project is, you can be rest assured our team of expert roofers will take care of every detail from the initial consultation to the final finishing touches. You will always get a personalized approach to our service.

As the premier team of GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractors in Dundee, we are proud to serve the community of Polk County.

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